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Residents’ discount if relatives want a weekend in Brighton!

If you live locally you can get an automatic discount for families and friends coming to stay for a weekend in Brighton. In fact, we’ll even extend the offer into the week.

In the spirit of all things digital and our new found love of Facebook we’ve got a deal for everyone: All you need do is share this post on Facebook (below) with friends you know who are likely to be interested and ‘Like’ the hotel page and we’ll send you a voucher code that you can use all year round!

Like and get a massive discount

Like and get a massive discount

Obviously, we’ll check to see if your profile says you are from round these parts – wouldn’t want any of those funny folk from Kent joining us on Facebook now would we?

You can get a very healthy 15% off any stay of any duration! This will depend on availability, but there’s no better way to put up your family and friends when they are visiting Brighton. And let’s face it, you don’t want Mum or Dad crashing your bedsit or the inlaws patroling your kitchen every morning searching for the tea bags (wrong type of teabags, no doubt).

And as breakfasts go, we’ve a fine Sussex English breakfast , packed with local produce to set them up for the rest of their weekend in Brighton, and keep them out of your hair and from under your feet.

So, see you on Facebook and look out for the voucher codes – they’ll come in a message from Nick Head, the hotel’s owner and manager.

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Visiting Brighton you’ll see the oddest things

With the moon closer to Earth than it has been for 20 years, we’ve had some strange happenings here in Brighton. Ultra-low tides have revealed parts of the beach you never get to see, and as we’ve had  great weather, already people are visiting Brighton to get a spot between the piers.

Just incase you missed it, here’s a few pictures and a video of what’s been happening – when someone says let’s ride between the piers, they don’t usually mean along the beach…

Cycling on Brighton beach!

Take a look at our Facebook page for the video,and give it a ‘Like’ but for now here’s a few images of the amazing weather we’ve been having, enjoy!

Hove at dawn - Image: M Pawlak

Hove at dawn - Image: M Pawlak

Pier at dawn - Image: M Pawlak

Pier at dawn - Image: M Pawlak

Early morning stroll - Image: M Pawlak

Early morning stroll - Image: M Pawlak

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Why Brighton could host the royal wedding

‘Could’ host the royal wedding, as in it’s a possibility that may have been realised – don’t start flapping and buying hats – you’re probably not invited anyway!

Even so, there’s no reason why this town of ours couldn’t have pulled it off- what better message to send the world than to do away with all that tradition, pomp and un-necessity and book out the Pavilion, with a reception in a marquee on the seafront.

Photo op for Brighton lovers

Photo op for Brighton lovers

And forget all the military bands and horses and swords, we’d have tranny stilt walkers with surfboards making the wedding arch of swords, and music by that nutter on the recycled drum kit – if you get the chance stop and listen to the man, he’s fantastic.

We’d have the official wedding photos taken on the pier, with Kate and Wills’ faces peering through the cardboard cut-outs of cartoon bathers, we’d even offer the royals discounted rooms in Brighton – just don’t book one for Harry, too rowdy for us!

It’s not as if there’s a shortage of places they could have their picture taken; the newly renovated bandstand in Hove has wedding parties queing up. Or just take them on the beach. Can you see it? Half way through the photo shoot by Testino, some student chilling between exams asks Prince Phillip if he’s got a light for the BBQ…

Then they could all drift along to Hove lawns for refreshments and a game of football: 1st Battalion the Welsh Guards vs Hove lifeguards and Spartan Fitness.

But no, it’s all happening up in London. So the least we could do is provide royal wedding discounts on our hotel rooms in Brighton – after all, you know every other American is already booking flights to the UK right now!

If you’re coming to the south coast we’ve royal wedding discounts for you! See you there.

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Right, it’s White Night!

Let’s get this party started!

Up for a night out, it’s rare you’ll be returning to your hotel in Brighton before 2 am! Well, this weekend there is a night organised that’s guaranteed to keep you up till dawn. White Night is a celebration of the last day of British Summer time and it’s packed with arts events – and goes on all night!Picture 10

From family friendly events in the Sea Life Centre to sensory light installations in the Pavilion Gardens, there’s entertainment of the oddest and maddest sort.

With a programme that runs from 18:00 on the Saturday to 07:00 on the following morning, it’s a late one…

Every landmark in town is involved: West Pier, Jubilee Square, Prince Regent until it all finishes with a jazz quartet in the Birdcage bandstand ( something to tweet about then -badoom, splash!)

Our pick of the events:

Dream Machine, in Marlborough House 20:00 – 02:00

White Light in the Brighton Dome 23:00 – 02:00

The truly bonkers Illumination Station & the Enlightenment Machine, at the Latest Music Bar 23:00 – 02:00

and the absolutely foolish Midnight Half Marathon.

Please take a look at their site. If you are thinking about booking a hotel in Brighton because you’ve been told there’s loads to do, then this is the night for you!

White Night

And for more local info about entertainment for children, try our child friendly page

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Visiting Brighton: Half-term children’s activities in Brighton

Picture 8

Booking your family into a hotel in Brighton? We know you’re on the lookout for child-friendly places and events they can enjoy. So, we’ve teemed up with the town’s experts on the matter Child Friendly Brighton and Hove to give you a half-term heads up.

Here’s what’s happening on the coming half-term in Brighton:

This is an older post, so look here for half term events for October 2011

(Keep checking back as we will be updating this as new events are announced)

October half term week (25-31st October 2010)

Halloween Fun at Newhaven Fort – a week of Halloween themed activities for children, sounds great! 25th-31st October, 10.30am-5pm daily. Web:

Brighton Dome – theatre show for young children: “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”. 29th-31st Oct.

Little Big Draw at Brighton Museum (FREE drop in and draw workshops for 2-5 year olds, as part of the “Big Draw”) – 26th October.

Mega Beasts at Booth Museum (book in advance!). My children love this! They get to meet a tarantula, giant snail, lizards and other mega beasts. 27th October. Further details are on the museum web site:

We’ve plenty half-term offers, take a look.

For more information on Child Friendly Brighton and Hove, please visit their site, a really good resource for families staying over in hotels in Brighton or just visiting for the day!

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More food fun!

Yum, Yum

Yum, Yum

It’s world food weekend in Brighton! Everyone knows the UK’s favourite food is curry, but on Hove lawns this weekend you are set for much more than Madras and nan bread.

Expect to see, smell, and taste delicacies from around the globe before wandering back toward your hotel room  for a little treat to finish off with…

Everyone likes chocolate right? Well if even the thought of tasting fine choccies gets you drooling like a bloodhound, you need to take the family to the Churchill Square chocolate market this weekend. Perfect if the weather takes a turn for the worse because its all indoors, so no need to hide in your hotel rooms in Brighton, there are sweets galore and cocoa powder-dusted delights ready for all the family to tuck into!

And after all that, it’s probably tea time – not time for more food, but time for a cuppa (we’ve just heard about this place, Metrodeco not reviewed it yet but sounds kinda special).

So whichever way the weekend takes you, it’s likely you’ll stick on a pound or two – but, after all that dieting for summer isn’t it time we fattened up for Christmas? We think so, so we’ll see you there!

Churchill Square

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Brighton? Isn’t everybody gay?

Brighton Pride 2010

That’s the response I usually get when I tell people I live in this city! And the first time they visit, either staying in a hotel in Brighton or crashing over at my place, they are always poised to witness some ubercamp, boy-on-boy, girl-on-girl, tranny, bi-fest!

Living here, we just don’t see it like that. Brighton is very gay friendly. It supports the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender) community. But it’s as much about tolerance and equality than individual sexuality. And to live in a town with such an open mind is truly a privilege.

Yes, you will see public affection between people of the same sex, but you’ll see straight people holding hands and kissing too!

Everyone is welcome here. That’s the beauty of this place, and even on a short weekend break you can pick up the vibe. And forget the stereotypes; there are certain styles and fashions in every community.

Here’s a link to our sister blog aimed more at the LGBT community; regular people going regular things, but just a little better dressed!

The Ambassador’s LGBT blog

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The mods are back in town!

Scooter power

Brighton is known for many things: entertainment, fashion, music, digital culture and its love of the obscure. But if there’s a Brighton image that stays in the front of many people’s minds, it’s the one of mods and rockers battling it out on the beach.

The mid-sixties were a time when the generation born after the war was expressing itself.  And these two sub-cultures ended up as rivals, and clashed in running battles on Brighton seafront.

Perhaps the symbol of the mod culture was the Vespa motorbike. This, a parka with a target on the back, and a Ben Sherman were de rigueur for mods at the time – at least that’s how they are represented, there was, and is, much more to mod culture than Quadrophenia.

Now, if you love the scooters, this weekend is the one for you: it’s the Mad Weekender. There will be Lambrettas and Vespas from all around the world rolling up.

It’s been 46 years since the original modernists made their impression on Brighton and celebrations will be going on all weekend.

Volks is hosting the welcome party and Komedia is running two consecutive all-nighters.

And to finish off, there’s a scooter competition on Sunday followed by a ride out to Beachy Head.

So expect to see some proper dapper gents, and box-jacketed babes. Brighton: the mod generation is back in town!

For more on what it means to be mod now, look here and here

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Brunswick Festival – mad fun for mad families!

Well, just because the summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean it’s an end to the festival season.

If you are coming to Brighton with your family, or just taking a leisurely stroll along the seafront, drop in to Brunswick Square, you’re sure to have a good time.

A festival for all the family

A festival for all the family

The Brunswick Festival now runs over two consecutive weekends, but this weekend is the one for the townsfolk.

Imagine a festival organised by residents, not event organisers; think homegrown talent and homegrown foods. It’s a local festival for local people, but everyone’s always welcome.

There’s usually a main stage for the live bands and oddball children’s entertainers, lots of food stalls and enough Reiki healers and Yoga practitioners to chill an army. Imagine it: A Yoga army! No more destruction, just very supple and well-grounded enemies – very nice end to the weekend thankyouverymuch.

You’ll find bric-a-brac stalls to rummage through, hear tunes you’ll dance to, and sample lots of home brewed beer – it was lovely the last two times we went, no doubt it will be great this weekend.

There is just one problem though: If you are visiting with your family and children, it will make you want to move to Brunswick Square, it’s lovely, and the festival is a showcase of the Brighton community at its best.

Bring a rug, bring a kaftan, bring whoever you find along the way, even bring your gran. It’s going down (peacefully) this weekend in Brunswick Square.

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Party and Paddle Round The Pier

It's time to party and paddle

It's time to party and paddle

With the sun shining and the sea warming up, it’s time to celebrate summer. So grab a board and paddle around the pier. What? Paddle around the pier? Yes, this weekend Brighton will play host to Paddle Round The Pier, Europe’s biggest free beach festival.

It’s all held on Hove lawns, and don’t worry if you don’t fancy getting in  the water, there are a multitude of other events you can get yourself and the family involved in.

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