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Archive for August, 2010

The mods are back in town!

Scooter power

Brighton is known for many things: entertainment, fashion, music, digital culture and its love of the obscure. But if there’s a Brighton image that stays in the front of many people’s minds, it’s the one of mods and rockers battling it out on the beach.

The mid-sixties were a time when the generation born after the war was expressing itself.  And these two sub-cultures ended up as rivals, and clashed in running battles on Brighton seafront.

Perhaps the symbol of the mod culture was the Vespa motorbike. This, a parka with a target on the back, and a Ben Sherman were de rigueur for mods at the time – at least that’s how they are represented, there was, and is, much more to mod culture than Quadrophenia.

Now, if you love the scooters, this weekend is the one for you: it’s the Mad Weekender. There will be Lambrettas and Vespas from all around the world rolling up.

It’s been 46 years since the original modernists made their impression on Brighton and celebrations will be going on all weekend.

Volks is hosting the welcome party and Komedia is running two consecutive all-nighters.

And to finish off, there’s a scooter competition on Sunday followed by a ride out to Beachy Head.

So expect to see some proper dapper gents, and box-jacketed babes. Brighton: the mod generation is back in town!

For more on what it means to be mod now, look here and here

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Brunswick Festival – mad fun for mad families!

Well, just because the summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean it’s an end to the festival season.

If you are coming to Brighton with your family, or just taking a leisurely stroll along the seafront, drop in to Brunswick Square, you’re sure to have a good time.

A festival for all the family

A festival for all the family

The Brunswick Festival now runs over two consecutive weekends, but this weekend is the one for the townsfolk.

Imagine a festival organised by residents, not event organisers; think homegrown talent and homegrown foods. It’s a local festival for local people, but everyone’s always welcome.

There’s usually a main stage for the live bands and oddball children’s entertainers, lots of food stalls and enough Reiki healers and Yoga practitioners to chill an army. Imagine it: A Yoga army! No more destruction, just very supple and well-grounded enemies – very nice end to the weekend thankyouverymuch.

You’ll find bric-a-brac stalls to rummage through, hear tunes you’ll dance to, and sample lots of home brewed beer – it was lovely the last two times we went, no doubt it will be great this weekend.

There is just one problem though: If you are visiting with your family and children, it will make you want to move to Brunswick Square, it’s lovely, and the festival is a showcase of the Brighton community at its best.

Bring a rug, bring a kaftan, bring whoever you find along the way, even bring your gran. It’s going down (peacefully) this weekend in Brunswick Square.

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Brighton’s Top Cafés No.7 – Tic Toc Café

Formerly known as The End Of The Lanes Café, this little hot-spot enjoyed a complete refit not long ago. And while the décor may be different, thankfully they kept a top selection of hot chocolates.

Inline with Brighton’s quirky coffee culture, it’s a lovely spot to sit. While other places have more outrageous décor, the owners have kept a lid on their creative juices, just letting them flow enough to make the place interesting.

Grab a cuppa...

Grab a cuppa...

This was the first place we found the delightful chocolate on a stick drinks – thick chunks of chocolate that you dunk in hot milk, mmmm.

There’s also a fine selection of stickies and cakes, with some sandwich and salad items as well.

It’s a great spot for bookworms, too. Just take along an unwanted paperback and swap for one from their shelf. And with it being Brighton, you know there is always something zany, spiritual or radical to leaf through.

The café is small however, but this adds to the ambience. It’s the place to round off a good shopping session, or creep into mid-week, far from the madding crowd.

If you prefer, there’s always the coffee chains just around the corner. But why bother? After all, they costa too much and you get very few stars for your bucks…

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Monsters and Musicals at the Theatre Royale

Theatre Royale Brighton

Theatre Royale Brighton

When you get a ticket for the cinema there’s no need to dress up, but when it’s for an evening at the theatre, it’s time to get out the glad rags.

Brighton’s Theatre Royal may be steeped in tradition, but it’s far from frumpy; a quick look at what’s on in August reveals a diversity of performances.

Even though stars such as Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart may have treaded the Brighton Theatre Royal’s boards, there’s still always been room for family friendly shows and light-hearted performances.

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Pride 2010 The Party in Pictures II

Brighton Pride 2010 Read the rest of this entry »

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Pride 2010 – The Party in Pictures I

The weather was great, and the town was packed. And, as always, Pride went off in style. Here’s the first instalment of pictures (follow the link below) the next batch gets published once we’ve recovered!

Brighton Pride 2010

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The Five Fingers of Brighton

We Love Brighton

Still lovin' it!

So, you made it! It’s going to be another crazy weekend in Brighton. This weekend the town comes out and shows its true colours. There will be fun and games aplenty.

But if you are here for the first time, there are a few premiere spots you should take a look at. We’ve put together a slightly sideways look at the city : The Five Fingers of Brighton.

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