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The Pavilion – A Must-See Or Hype?

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Anytime you go to a new destination, you honestly wonder if the main tourist attractions are really worth the expense. I thought the same thing in Italy when I went to see ” David”.

Too often tourist traps leave you feeling, well, sucked in. This is not the case with the Pavilion, trust me. If you think it looks ultra cool on the outside, it is even better inside.

If you reside in Brighton and Hove, you get an extra discount on admission. Otherwise you pay full price but you also get an informative audio guide tour.

From the moment you walk into the Pavilion, you are taken in by the period furnishings, elaborate murals and chandellers. Seriously, when I walked into the first room I gasped.

When you view the first floor you walk around in circle and see a music room, a banquet hall, and a kitchen. A lot of furnishings could be described as being baroque with a lot of Oriental touches.

Surrounding the Pavilion is magnificent gardens and the Pavilion Cafe. 0809 048 You will see loads of people lazying about on the grass on a nice day. The adjacent museum houses Salvador Dali’s lips and is also free, an added bonus.

Inside the Pavilion, if you are more curious about the history surrounding this architectural masterpiece, you can watch a short free video which explains the historical significance of the Pavilion.

I think older children will enjoy this attraction but young children will not appreciate the stylistic value.

The nicest part of the Pavilion is the traditional cafe on the top terrace where you can overlook the grounds and have a cream tea. The bottom floor is accessible but the top floor isn’t but you’ll still feel like you’ve seen quite a bit if you can’t make it upstairs. If you can you should though because when Queen Victoria inherited the Pavilion, she made her very tasteful quarters upstairs.

There is also Pavilion based artwork on the top floor near the cafe.

I’m very skeptical of these things (I haven’t even seen the London Eye) but it is worth the admission charge. A few times a year, you can buy tickets to have a banquet at the Pavilion and eat like a king!

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