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View to Brighton Pier from the New Steine, Brighton

Biker Heaven

devil work 1 113

The annual Ace Club event today rocked my universe.  After I arrived at Old Steine and saw all the bikes I realised what a converting force motorcycle culture is. This gorgeous woman who looked like Angelina Jolie before she went soft walked in front of me and started up her engine. It only got better after that.

Chrome, rock and bikers. I die. I found out today my favourite make is the classic Bonneville by Triumph. Lucky for me the ACE Club had loads of bikes on show including vintage Triumphs.

Ace Club is THE London motorcycle club. Every year they do a ride from London to Brighton like in the movie Quadrophenia. The club hosts the event but many businesses sell and display here and clubs from all over the UK. This is also the place to get cheap motorcycle gear.

The whole town was overtaken by bikers. I saw every type of motorbike imaginable including car/bike hybrids with rubber rats attached. The best thing to do is just walk around and compare models. You’ll be sick with envy if you don’t own a bike and really feel bad but have a reason to make more money.

The musicians performed sort of rock-a-billy type music that seemed to be nicely suited to the mods and rockers hanging out on Vespas and Triumphs.

I didn’t get a chance to catch any of the stunts unfortunately as I was too busy oogling all the Triumph bikes and comparing veneers. devil work 1 082

I want to stress to people this event is enormous. It is literally miles of bikers and bike gear. Ace Cafe is really a brand stressing bikes and rock and roll based out of the historic Ace Cafe in London. The motorcycle club holds many events during the year and has weekly nights for “diesel heads” of different persuasions.

While there are several dealers here, there aren’t that many and really if you love bikes, come here for the gear more than to buy a bike.

This event literally changed my life. I am now obsessed with becoming a biker babe. I’ll substitute latex for leather though. But count me in for a Triumph jacket.

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