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Brighton’s Parklife – Queen’s Park

If you think it’s fun to be beside the seaside, you should also try a bit of park life. With lots of Regency/Victorian era parks, Brighton has plenty of green spaces in which the kids can play.

Queen's Park

Queen's Park

The nearest and perhaps the dearest to Kemp town is Queen’s Park. Staying in the Ambassador Hotel, you could be forgiven for just looking south for your fun. But just ten minutes walk away is an oasis of calm, free from the shoppers, party goers, and beach dwellers.

Entry to the park is via the unremarkable Egremont Place . From here it widens and fills, with fairytale paths, lawns and low-hanging branches. First opened to the public in 1892, this park was formely privately owned and retains much of its gravitas to this day.

Don’t worry, there’s no nasty ‘parkie’ to spoil your fun. There are however, some historical oddities to be found. In the grounds is the Royal German Spa from 1825, which made mineral waters, the Pepperpot, which pumped water to the park’s private villa and a number of other curios worth finding.

Or you could just put your feet up. It’s Brighton after all: So many ways to chill.

The lawns of Queen's Park

The lawns of Queen's Park

Large open grassed areas attract sunbathers and residents from the Queen’s Park area, as well as people who walk over and rest after reaching the summit of Mt Elm Grove. Cyclist beware! Try coming into the park from this direction and you’ll be tested by a leg of the Tour de Brighton!

Queen’s Park appears exlcusive to the outsider, with its lakes, private tennis courts and Victorian drinking fountain, but it’s not. It’s a lovely spot for a read, for a family; infact, it’s great for everyone.

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