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For Vegetarians and The Meat-Eaters Who Love Them

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So you’re dating a vegetarian? You eat meat? That’s kind of like finding out she’s a Tory, when you’re firmly Labour. What can one do? You contemplate eating “rabbit food” on date nights and spend many nights looking for restaurants where you can both eat comfortably, without her flipping out.  Your trip to Brighton will be painless, actually enlightening.

If you wonder about vegetarian food, you need to try Wai Kika Moo Cafe Kau in the North Laines. You’ll be converted by the nacho plate alone.  This place also does a phenomenal chai latte shake.

If you are tight on a budget and happen to be in the Laines,  another really fabulous place to go is Iydea cafe. This place may appeal more to her than you but if you are reluctant to try anything to “healthy in a bad way” the hot bar will pack enough cheese to keep you satisfied.

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 There’s literally nothing that sets the mood like a picnic on the beach.  One really great idea is to go to TAJ (in Kemptown and also Brunswick) and get some special treats and sit outside. You can get curry and she can get greens. It’ll all be gourmet. Just make sure she has garlic or onions (a bit of your sauce or something similar) 0r the mood will be killed.

An unlikely choice to please all is the Harvester. I know what you are thinking but hear me out. A vegetarian can go mad at the salad bar there. It is leafy ecstasy.  Many people don’t even want a main course.  You can sit and eat steak, whilst she binges on legumes.

Another option with wide appeal is the awesome Moshi Moshi with enough sushi variations to keep everyone happy. The food goes around on a conveyor belt and the atmosphere is so hip, it’ll really say ” I care about you and your dissimilar eating habits” and help you get lucky that evening.

One thing I do not recommend is taking your veggie partner to Pizza Express. I used to get this fantastic salad there called The Bosco but I later found out, whilst it was seemingly vegetarian, it had 800 calories hiding in it! Ahhh!

Dumb Waiter in the North Laines also deserves a mention because you can get a great falafel plate  and really good meat-centric plates there.

If you end up in Hove, check out Heather Mill’s place in Hove Lagoon. It’s called Vbites and from what I’ve heard it’s  good enough to convert the skeptical (either about her or about meat-less meats).

Basically, Brighton caters to vegetarians and those who love them.  You will not find any place around this city where there are no vegetarian options.  So fear not, it’s not “rabbit food” or bust.

Meatlessly Yours But With Plenty of Taste,


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