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View to Brighton Pier from the New Steine, Brighton

Brighton beach: Let’s get swimming!


Tempted for a swim?

You know it’s happening. It’s almost hot enough; in fact it has already been┬áhot enough for that first sea swim of the year. Children are already playing at the water’s edge and with temperatures (at times) touching 30C, pretty soon we’ll be stripping off and getting in.

If it’s just to cool down, you can get in anywhere along the front. Although, there are a few spots that have their advantages, and a number of safety points to watch for.

Ok, safety first: It’s best to only swim within the areas that are under the watchful eye of Brighton’s bay watchers – the lovely lifeguards.

Look for their little wind shelters and flags.

  • Red and yellow flags are raised on patrolled beaches and represent safe swimming conditions.
  • Red flags mean that it is unsafe to swim in the sea

If you are in doubt, go and speak with them. They can advise you on the currents, tides and generally how to look good.

Take care at the water’s edge: Depending on the tide, what you find underfoot varies. Sometimes the water will be shallow and you can walk out for 50 metres (low tide), other times it falls away quickly and you’ll be immediately out of your depth.

Lifeguard sml

Lifeguards are there to help

Keep a close eye on your children – as if I had to remind you; slap them in sun cream and keep them out of the strongest midday sun and they will have a lovely time.

For the more committed swimmers, keep within the orange buoys. Boats, jet-skis and pleasure craft (sounds a little dodgy) should not come closer inshore than the furthest buoy.

Favoured spots for sea swimmers are at the end of Hove lawns, thanks to this spot having a working shower, and the Kemp Town side of the Palace Pier.

However, go too far east (toward the marina) and you’ll find more skinny-dippers than swimmers: Brighton has one of the few nudist beaches on this part of the coast.

More on this later…

Great beach safety advice found here:

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