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Cafe Culture

aug09 033There are many myths about England. One of them is that London is foggy. Another is that there’s some sort of “stiff upper-lip” thing going on. You’ll see just how reserved British people are when you venture inside any pub on a Friday night.

The only stereotype I’ve found to be true is the national obsession with tea. There’s nothing like a “nice cuppa tea” as my nan says. There are loads of choices in Brighton when you are “gasping” (thanks Nan) and can’t access an IV caffeine drip.

Brighton truly has  good share of tea shops and cafes. An unusual choice is The Tin Drum in Kemptown, where you can luxuriously hang out on sofas and read whilst sipping your tea. Doubling as a pub and restaurant, there is often live entertainment in the evenings. This place occasionally has soya milk as well.

I think Cafe de Felice  in the city centre is really a nice place to stop.  This place also does nice sandwiches like cheese and advocado on ciabatta. There are lots of comfortable seats and plenty of desserts if you are having a holiday sweet tooth moment.

In the Preston Park area, I’ve also gotten good value for money at the Bystander Cafe. This is a simple luncheonette but a Greek salad here will be filling and pocket friendly.

One place a bit left of centre that truly deserves a mention is the lovely Atlas Lounge on aug09 032Western Road. The earthy colours and calming atmosphere make this a nice place to stop. No soya milk but the overall vibe makes it worthwhile even though some may have to opt for juice.


One of the most popular venues remains Infinity Cafe on the Lanes. If you are looking for vegan desserts look no further. This place also offers free Wifi and the occassional stray musician, offering or at times inflicting, free entertainment.:)

Bill’s cafe is a legendary spot. This is not a budget venue but the food here is so well-made you really won’t mind. Try a fantastic soup or fresh baked toast for lunch. The tea is first class and very strong. You cannot go wrong in this place whether dining for pleasure or business.

Not to be repetitive, but I will actually mention again my favorite cafe, The Cherry Tree in Kemptown. I love this place to the extent of feeling a pang of sorrow when I calorically cannot afford to go in. I could eat the entire cold bar of this place, if permitted but I would not fit into my clothing.

If all else fails you can always rely on the Cafe Nero’s, Starbucks’ and Costa’s for your corporate tea fix. But with such lovely local cafes, why would you want to?

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