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View to Brighton Pier from the New Steine, Brighton

The Five Fingers of Brighton

We Love Brighton

Still lovin' it!

So, you made it! It’s going to be another crazy weekend in Brighton. This weekend the town comes out and shows its true colours. There will be fun and games aplenty.

But if you are here for the first time, there are a few premiere spots you should take a look at. We’ve put together a slightly sideways look at the city : The Five Fingers of Brighton.

The Pier

You can’t leave without walking along the pier: it’s against the rules. As daft as it sounds, the pier is great fun. So, after a night of festivities grab a deckchair, and put your feet up on the rails and snooze. But if you’re feeling more energetic, try the dance machines or the rackety mousetrap roller coaster. It doesn’t make 21st century sense, but who cares? Enjoy!

The Beach

Everybody packs into one section of the beach. Makes no sense. But do it anyway, even if it is just for a bit. Why? Because, here’s where the heart of Brighton can be found. A little boozy, at times a little rowdy, but it is a snapshot of the Brighton tribe: Students in awe of their new home, hippies feeling the vibe, commuters trapped in the stones; it’s the town’s home from home.

North Laines

Defies description, but let’s try: Hotchpotch carnival of headshops, cafes, music stores, tattoo parlours, dental surgeries, yes dental surgeries, health shops, guitar shops and people visiting the few remaining regular shops – those that have somehow dropped below the radar of time. Populated by fashionistas, dropouts, walkthroughs, shoppers, freaks, dudes, emos, goths, bboy 80s revivalists, etc.

The South Lanes

A rabbit warren of high-fashion boutiques, jewellery stores and restaurants. The South Lanes connects the city to the sea: at the bottom there’s the prom; at the top there’s Sydney Street, which leads to Churchill Square; the far left fringe borders West Street and the far right almost connects to the North Lanes. The Lanes are more cousins than twins; the south is prim and proper, while the north is rough and ready – to be explored…

The Pavilion

An oddity of architecture, the Pavilion is a tourist magnet. That said, and as is the case across Brighton, the expected tourist throng just gets assimilated into the hubris. The Pavillion should be a horrendous trip bus postcard fest, but somehow even this landmark has sufficient style to shrug off conformity. A palace fit for a mad king, left behind after a colonial high tide. It’s a palace fit for Brighton. Nice teacakes too!

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