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View to Brighton Pier from the New Steine, Brighton

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Brighton’s secret suntrap

There’s a very special place few people know of, with sand for the kids to play in and sun for the adults to bathe in. It’s one of Brighton’s best kept secrets.

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What a weekend!

Sunday, what a day! In fact, what a weekend!

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier.

Glorious sunny weather, the lanes alive with Brighton’s finest, our beaches packed with families and party people, and thousands of new visitors; it couldn’t get much better!

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Brighton : Dog friendly all-year-round

If you consider your dog a part of the family, then no doubt they are coming with you when you visit Brighton. Here’s the best places to take them (and the family!). Read the rest of this entry »

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Sun, Sea and S**

Well that’s kind of what people expect when reading about a holiday resort. And no doubt we get all three here, it’s just there is more to do in Brighton, things residents and visitors share: sun, sea and sport.

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Photos by the Pier: More fun for the family

If you love your nature photography or are looking to keep the kids out of the arcades, look here. Some of the world’s greatest wildlife pictures are on display, outside, a stone’s throw from the beach.

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April – So much to do

Everyone’s talking about the fringe, but let’s not forget out April! As usual, there is loads going on in town. So whether the weather holds out or not, there is always fun to be had beside the seaside. So what can we look forward to this month? Read the rest of this entry »

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Acessible Brighton- For Handicapped Visitors

Travelling with limited mobility is always concern. Based on personal experience wheeling my Nan around Brighton for 6 days, here’s what you need to know.aug09 040

First of all, Southern Railways which provides rail service to Brighton and Hove, offers a weekday service for disabled passengers, where if you book in advance, train attendants will help you get on and off the train for no additional charge. Additionally, the rail companies are required by law to provide wheelchair accessibility and Nan and I once got our cab paid for from Kings Cross to Mill Hill because Mill Hill is not an accessible station!

If you have a wheelchair, you are allowed on buses in Brighton and Hove. You will not allowed on with a mobility scooter. Don’t ask me why…it makes you want to run over the bus driver’s feet!

If you see a shop you want to go into in the North Laines or The Lanes, you may be surprised to find there are often collapsible ramps on hand for this purpose, even if the shop doesn’t look accessible.

Brighton is very hilly, especially near Churchill Square and it can be difficult to navigate. The best thing to do is ask advice from passerby and/or possibly take a bus. You won’t have a problem finding disabled bathrooms however, Costa Coffee will usually have one and GBK on the North Lanes will accomodate handicapped shoppers who are desperate. aug09 031

Unfortunately, it is difficult to see the Pavilion past the first floor if you have limited mobility.  There is no current concession for disabled persons, which is unfortunate. There is enough to see on the first floor to make a visit worthwhile, so don’t aviod the Pavilion on that account.

One place where you will not have trouble by the seafront. That area is all paved and very flat from Hove Lagoon to the Marina. Brighton Marina is also very flat as is the Undercliff walk. Also the Preston Park area is also fairly  flat as is a majority of Preston Park itself.

You will not have a tremendous amount of trouble in the Lanes either. The streets are narrow but do not tend to be cobble stoned. The curbs can be a bit high but it’ll  be a breeze by Dukes Lane which is paved.

Kemptown tends to be fairly flat and some of the clubs have ground floor action. You’ll have no problem at Charles Street Club, The Marine Tavern or the Queen’s Arms. The pier is also flat and easy to wheel over especially on certain lanes marked in green.

Brighton is not a difficult destination for your next trip if you have limited mobility. Just plan ahead and book in advance on Southern if you take the rail. And remember this “been there, wheeled over that guide” !

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