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Gourmet Palates

If you think Brighton is just a seaside resort without much to offer people beyond fish and chips, you are sadly mistaken. True enough, the fish and chips are amazing especially at Bankers, but there is a lot more to choose from.

I’m writing this on the eve of the Brighton Food Festival which is a series of food festivals which focuses on locally sourced food and runs over the month of Sept.

Generally, there are a lot of gourmet restaurants and stockists in some offbeat places. For instance in Hove, The Real Eating Company is a restaurant and cheese shop that uses local seasonal produce and is a great date night place for foodies. 0809 022

One place that really deserves a mention is Coriander Restaurant And Deli. The deli has fantastic cheese, bread  and dips. This place is located in a blink and you might miss it place, near Hove Seafront.

I’ve also been to Le Gourmet shop in Seven Dials, where I was captivated by squid ink pasta! It was sooo black.

You also can’t forget Bill’s Produce Store, where everything is marked with the Bill’s label and fairly expensive but worth it.

0809 043

One really great place to go is Hove Farmer’s Market once monthly on a Sunday, if you are in the area to get local honey still on the comb, dips and sausages. I’ve also bought nice chutneys here and bakery bread. The market is just around the corner from Hove railway station.

Perhaps the most impressive gourmet shop is Taj. I take Taj for granted because I live here but Taj really is something else. Where else can you buy German tofu, freshly made Curry and Thai sweet and sour sauce?!  A lot of people come to Taj for upscale picnic fare.

If you are in the market for something a bit more simple at Cook Brighton, tourists can buy an amazing packet of Munchy Seeds and locals can buy a gourmet ready meal frozen that is revelation in fast(ish) food. For the unitiated,  Munchy Seeds are sunflower seeds covered in spices or sweet powder.

I can’t forget about Carluccio’s which is a chain but a particularly good one, selling Italian freshly baked-breads and pastas. Carluccios also has a cafe serving authentic Italian antipasti and delicious beverages.

I really enjoy eating at Foodilic which serves cold, buffet style gourmet. This is one of the only decent places in the Churchill Square area to eat.

A lot of times on holiday, all you need is a nice bottle of wine and some tapas style foods. The gourmet shops I’ve listed are places to buy a bit of cheese or bread for this purpose. Or some very, very black squid ink pasta to take home!

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