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View to Brighton Pier from the New Steine, Brighton

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Brighton’s top 5 watersports

As the summer has decided to grant us one more flourish, it could be the last time for us mere mortals to grab a weekend in Brighton and take to the water before the warmth leaves our Sussex skies.

Here’s 5 watersports offered in Brighton.


Easy! Provided you can swim. Temperatures are pushing well into the 20s so it’s a great chance to get in one more dip. Here’s a Brighton beach guide and here some obvious advice to follow from the RNLI but generally you’re fine just leisure swimming off most parts of Brighton beach.

Boat trips

Visiting with the family? Take them to the marina and look up the boat trips. There’s no better way to watch the sunset than from a boat.

SUP for hire in Brighton. Image: Flickr/dcysurfer

SUP for hire in Brighton. Image: Flickr/dcysurfer

Canoeing, Kayaking and Oddboarding

There’s a school/surf shop worth investigating if you’re after an active family weekend in Brighton. Take a look at the range of things to do at Brighton Watersports - if you’re wondering what the deal is with standing up on a surfboard, it’s actually Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and the school does 2-hr lessons for £30.

Dingy sailing

Get yourself to Lagoon Watersports if you want to learn how to sail. In fact, it has courses in just about everything and beginners get to practice on the calm waters of Hove lagoon.

Jet ski

Fancy hitting the water with a little more power than that fond in the wind? Hire a jetski at Sussex Marine Watersports down the coast in Southwick. They’ll even escort you out to sea so you can get the hang of it.

Current special offers at Hove Lagoon include 50% off some courses

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Visiting Brighton Citroen shows its C-side

Fringe sponsors

Fringe sponsors

Zipping through the seafront traffic past the Brighton bed & breakfasts and not a sound. That’s because, thanks to Citroen, we had a whole hour in one of the company’s new electric cars. And we can tell you: it was impressive. Visiting Brighton you’d think there would be more of these on the roads, but these were the first we’d seen and they looked great.

As sponsors of the Brighton Festival Fringe Citroen has taken a back seat, letting the acts, not the company PR, do the talking – smart move, as we’re hardly a crowd that likes overpowering corporate sponsorship of our much-prized arts events.
But getting out its two funky new Citroen C-Zero electric cars for the public was a wise move: A town with a green council, thousands of cyclists and streets busy with holiday-makers leaving hotels in Brighton, it’s the perfect place to show off the newest green motor.

Citroen checks out the arches

Citroen checks out the arches

Parked up and charged up outside Brighton town hall, it wasn’t long before these two bumble bee-yellow bubble cars racked up the miles.

We took ours out along the coast to see if it had the horses to keep up with traffic, and it did. Then it was into the marina to see how it fared in small spaces – its turning circle proved as tight as the Sunday market traders.

Not cheap mind (32k) – there’s a government grant to bring costs down – although for now, Citroen is really still showing what can be done in a practical city car. With a decent range (90+ miles), useable top speed (80mph) and room for four and a couple of bags of shopping, it could tempt if you’ve the money, or maybe make a council car –  perhaps we’ll see the Mayor / Caroline Lucas behind the wheel?

Most cyclists I know would like a car, it just needs to be a green car – even if it is bright yellow. And Brighton’s the perfect place to see what it’s really like to live with an electric car. No emmissions, no road tax, no petrol and you can charge them from 8 points around the city – perfect even for people just visiting Brighton: C’mon Citroen, roll it out!

If you think Citroen should let our blogger test the C-Zero for a month, so we can see really how good it is, vote on the hotel’s Facebook page

More about the Citroen C-Zero

More about Brighton Accommodation Offers

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Party and Paddle Round The Pier

It's time to party and paddle

It's time to party and paddle

With the sun shining and the sea warming up, it’s time to celebrate summer. So grab a board and paddle around the pier. What? Paddle around the pier? Yes, this weekend Brighton will play host to Paddle Round The Pier, Europe’s biggest free beach festival.

It’s all held on Hove lawns, and don’t worry if you don’t fancy getting in  the water, there are a multitude of other events you can get yourself and the family involved in.

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Brighton – Wheely into it…

Enjoy the ride

Enjoy the ride

The great thing about cycling is that everyone can get involved. Mums and dads, children and families, it really is the sport for all. Well, this week it’s Team Green Britain Bike Week, and as expected Brighton is leading the way.

Visitors to the town are likely to see a cycling event of some sort. Here’s what’s going on, and how you can get involved.

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Naked sunbathers’ hangout

If you are looking to take care of those tan lines, or just let it all hang out? Then try Brighton’s nudist beach. And if you are not brave enough, then why not enjoy the view with this blog post from our other site, happy reading!


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Brighton beach: Let’s get swimming!


Tempted for a swim?

You know it’s happening. It’s almost hot enough; in fact it has already been hot enough for that first sea swim of the year. Children are already playing at the water’s edge and with temperatures (at times) touching 30C, pretty soon we’ll be stripping off and getting in.

If it’s just to cool down, you can get in anywhere along the front. Although, there are a few spots that have their advantages, and a number of safety points to watch for.

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Brighton’s secret suntrap

There’s a very special place few people know of, with sand for the kids to play in and sun for the adults to bathe in. It’s one of Brighton’s best kept secrets.

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Off To The Marina and Beyond

Brighton Marina garners many responses. If you aren’t  a big fan of modern architecture or Pizza Express, you will still enjoy heading over to this part of town.  First of all, the Marina on a sunny day is a prime sunbathing spot. Head over to Mermaid walk and bask in the sun, have a cocktail at one of the chain restaurants and sit out  and watch the boats. aug09 025

Or if you fancy yourself a gangster moll, get really dressed up to the nines and head over to the nearby casino for a Dicky Tracy or Madonna moment.  My soul purpose for coming to Brighton Marina usually is to go for a cycle ride on the Undercliff path which leads all the way to the nearby town of Saltdean. Sometimes I detor off this path and head into Rottingdean, which is a historic little spot, famous for it’s real windmill.

The whole Undercliff Path lines the sea and is never very crowded. I don’t know if words can really convey how great this place is on a bicycle or on foot. You can actually rent bikes in the Marina complex at Go Cycle. You will find it EXTREMELY worth it.

If you don’t really venture out of the Marina, sometimes in the square near the Reebok store, there is entertainment or food stalls. I bought some organic vegetarian food here recently, so you may luck out on a weekend at the Mermaid Market.

My best memory in this area was actually at the Naturist Beach after the Naked Bike Ride this past May. What an exhilarating experience! This beach is usually empty but if you fancy a skinny dip, you legally can!

Some upcoming events at Brighton Marina, include a boat race in September and the Brighton Triathalon where participants swim, bike and run to the max.  Every weekend there is a car boot sale in the Marina,  that has over 200 stalls and is the biggest antique market in Brighton.

If you find yourself in Brighton Marina and it begins to rain, don’t worry as you can catch a movie at the Odeon Cinema quite easily or head over to Bowlplex, where you may realise the lightest ball is still to heavy for you and attempt to beat your more experienced friends to no avail, whilst binging on chips.

With the exception of ASDA, most of the stores in Brighton Marina are boutiques and clothing outlets. I think this area should not be known for it’s shopping but more for ambiance and weekly Mermaid Market. aug09 045

During your trip to Brighton,  the Marina is definitely somewhere you should stop. Whether you end up on a bike path or the movies, you’ll have a good time here.

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