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View to Brighton Pier from the New Steine, Brighton

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New Year’s Eve in Brighton : swimming anyone?

Well, we’ve been looking for alternatives to going out clubbing on New Year’s Eve in Brighton and we may have found something a little more hardcore than the dance floor: Swimming in Arundel Lido!

Arundel Lido: colder than a witch's xxx - or is it?

Arundel Lido: colder than a witch's xxx - or is it?

Now, while it’s not Brighton proper, it is only a short bus trip away and as one of the few remaining lidos in the country is worth a visit.

But swimming out doors on New Year’s Eve? Barking! So, if it’s all a little too hardcore, you could always come back next year – yes folks, it’s open on New Year’s Day as well!

New Year Hotel breaks in Brighton don’t have to be all-nighters, there’s always activities for families on hand.  So take a trip to the only open-air Lido in West Sussex ( it has recently celebrated its 50th Birthday).

I’d love to promise you it had warmed up over those years, but it probably hasn’t! (Actually, the manager has assured would-be swimmers that the water temperature is up.) And there will be mulled wine and hot drinks to warm the cockles.

And it’s not free, either. But what is on New Year’s Eve in Brighton? And anyway it’s only £4 for adults, £2 for under-18s and free if you are under 5 or over 80.

You could always try nearer to home with the Saltdean Lido. You can take the bus there and enjoy the walk back along the under cliff walk to the Marina and back into town – perfect start to New Year.

And for the proper mental ones, you could meet up with the curious tribe of bearded creatures who swim everyday in the sea off Brighton. Beautiful people – little crazy – but beautiful!

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Interview with a DJ: Tom Vagabondo

DJ Tom Vagabondo

DJ Tom Vagabondo

Each weekend in Brighton, thousands of punters and clubbers make their way to the coast. With so many clubs and bars, there’s never a shortage of nights out in Brighton – actually, sometimes there’s just too much happening!

But who’s providing the soundtrack to all this? Who are the girls and guys behind the decks serving up the tunes? And what makes Brighton such a special night out?

In the first in a series, we interviewed Mr Tom Vagabondo, a DJ and producer now settled in Brighton.

What brought you to Brighton?

Mainly personal reasons, and great feedback about living in Brighton from my Czech friends.

What’s so special about the Brighton club scene?

There are so many possibilities: pubs, bars, clubs and nights out that you really want to go to – and so many musical styles to sample.

When you are not working, where in Brighton do you like to chill out?

I love the beach in the summer sunshine, just lazing around. I like Brighton’s parks, too. And if you have a car there’s lots of countryside nearby.

You came here from the Czech Republic, is Brighton really inclusive and tolerant?

Well, from my perspective, yes. It’s a friendly, cosmopolitan city with smiley people.

What makes a great DJ set?

Charisma, energy and being able to feel the music.

Who is your superstar DJ?

Me, of course! Honestly, I don’t have really a superstar DJ, probably because I like a mix of DJs and bands, so I’m just listening to as many different styles of music as possible.

You play almost every weekend in Brighton, but who does your flyers? They are excellent!

Thank you, it’s my secret! I’ve an excellent friend in Slovakia who always comes up with exactly what I’m after; she gets it right every time!

Here’s Tom’s latest mix with A-Bee (AKA LazyBoys)

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