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Spotlight On: Hove

Brighton is like Madonna and Hove is like Christopher Ciccone. Brighton is the famous big sister leaving Hove in the dust. Many people don’t even make it to Hove, which is kind of unfortunate as Hove can be a blessing on a busy day.

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For instance, the beaches are far quieter in Hove. You can take a cycle path all the way to Hove Lagoon, where kids can sail and Heather Mill’s cafe is and onward to the lovely quaint town of Shoreham by sea and further on to Worthing if you really fancy a trek.

First of all, I know for a fact, you can get the best minced pie you ever had at Canham and Sons on Western Road in Hove. I’m vegetarian but I’ve been told this place does pasties and pies to die for.

A lot of the nicer shops in Hove are on the high street but the George Street has some good offerings like home furnishing shop, Burts and some cafes.

The most famous restaurant in Hove is probably Topolino. Topolino Duo serves classic Italian dishes and is always busy. It is one of the few restaurants in the area that has no concept of the recession. Topolino is also affordable. 0809 057

Most of the rowdy kids who come to get drunk in Brighton (and there is a signifigant number) do not venture into Hove. If you party in Hove, your evening will be more civilized.

H-Bar in Hove is a nice venue with a bottom floor lounge and an upstairs club. I also recommend Kobawhich is a cocktail lounge spread over a few floors that does special deas on shots and sells Pimms.

There is also a branch of The Tin Drum which is a really nice little pub to have a chat in and actually hear the person you are sitting with. This is a smaller branch of the pub than the Kemptown one, if you recognise the name.

Probably the best attraction in Hove, other than Hove Lagoon if you like watersports, is Hove Park which is a large rolling park that is actually the perfect place to stop on a nice day.

Another thing to do in Hove is catch a cricket game at the Sussex Cricket Club which holds international matches and is located in Central Hove. There is a very inexpensive pub next to the cricket pitch that offers a meal deal.

If you are staying Brighton for a few days, don’t neglect to visit Brighton’s little brother.

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