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Celebrating New Years Eve in Brighton

New Years Eve in Brighton, it’s the place to party! Take advantage of a deal on xmas and new year hotel rooms and get celebrating!

Whether you are looking for a pub for a pint or a club where you can dance all night, this town has both – and all manner of bars ibetween.

As you’ve guessed, there are packs of promoters pushing New Years Eve party tickets around Brighton.

Forget the flyers for a minute and have a read: Here’s a few class joints in which you can bring in the new year win proper Brighton style!

The Honey Club: New Year Party favourite

The Honey Club: New Year Party favourite

Funky Fish Club Marine Parade

Seems as if everyone in this town has a story from the Funky Fish Club! Always look more like a reception from a budget wedding than a nightclub. All goes to help create one of the best club atmospheres found in this town. Not a place to take yourself too seriously but to have a seriously good time.

Funky Fish, soul, Motown and arse – wiggling madness guaranteed and only £11 in advance.

Proud Brighton Ballroom 83 St Georges Road

First shake your arse now it’s a bit of claaas. Party in style after a three-course feast. Expect frilly knickers and temptation in Brighton’s decadent den of food and frolics.

Oceana Kings Road West

Oceana is running what it claims to be its biggest New Year’s Eve party ever! Expect predictable fun and games and the sort of night you thought you’d grown out of, but probably haven’t. If five bars and two rooms isn’t enough, you should move abroad.

Honey Club Kings Road Arches

Another club with a bit of a rep, the Honey Club, has an ‘I Love R&B & Good Times’ party. So expect it to be packed for classic disco in one room, and pumping R&B in an other and did some one mention Champagne and Canapés? Check out the VIP deals going for a booth, with general tickets fair at £20. Champagne Showers…

Audio 10 Marine Parade

New Years Eve in Brighton with a 1920’s twist. Audio brings live swing to the mix and confuses everyone. Got to love it. Try to remember what clubbing was like before Audio… Perfect end to a very busy year – and nights here don’t end till long into next year!

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Interview with a DJ: Tom Vagabondo

DJ Tom Vagabondo

DJ Tom Vagabondo

Each weekend in Brighton, thousands of punters and clubbers make their way to the coast. With so many clubs and bars, there’s never a shortage of nights out in Brighton – actually, sometimes there’s just too much happening!

But who’s providing the soundtrack to all this? Who are the girls and guys behind the decks serving up the tunes? And what makes Brighton such a special night out?

In the first in a series, we interviewed Mr Tom Vagabondo, a DJ and producer now settled in Brighton.

What brought you to Brighton?

Mainly personal reasons, and great feedback about living in Brighton from my Czech friends.

What’s so special about the Brighton club scene?

There are so many possibilities: pubs, bars, clubs and nights out that you really want to go to – and so many musical styles to sample.

When you are not working, where in Brighton do you like to chill out?

I love the beach in the summer sunshine, just lazing around. I like Brighton’s parks, too. And if you have a car there’s lots of countryside nearby.

You came here from the Czech Republic, is Brighton really inclusive and tolerant?

Well, from my perspective, yes. It’s a friendly, cosmopolitan city with smiley people.

What makes a great DJ set?

Charisma, energy and being able to feel the music.

Who is your superstar DJ?

Me, of course! Honestly, I don’t have really a superstar DJ, probably because I like a mix of DJs and bands, so I’m just listening to as many different styles of music as possible.

You play almost every weekend in Brighton, but who does your flyers? They are excellent!

Thank you, it’s my secret! I’ve an excellent friend in Slovakia who always comes up with exactly what I’m after; she gets it right every time!

Here’s Tom’s latest mix with A-Bee (AKA LazyBoys)

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Brighton venue could be born again, again!

Visiting Brighton for the weekend you’ll find so many flyers for clubs it’s sometimes hard to know where to get started. So, we are going to get you a quick overview of each and put them together in a quick club review for you.

But before we do, it looks as if one of the town’s favourite nightclubs could be on the verge of another lease of life as ‘The Yard’ – formerly ‘The Ocean Rooms’ could be re-born as an altogether different entertainment venue.

Ocean Rooms - born again, again!  Image: Flickr/dominicspics

Ocean Rooms - born again, again! Image: Flickr/dominicspics

Its leasehold is up for sale, and the club could soon have a new role, according to the Argus, which has reported the club may become the site for laser game business.

As clubs go, it’s featured some really creative frontage. A tradition we hope the new owners will continue.

And thanks to its size and proximity to the centre of town, it could easily find its place on a list of attractions for people coming for family weekends in Brighton.

We’ll keep you posted on developments, but to find out what’s on this weekend in Brighton, check out our What’s on and Brighton local events guide and our LGBT local events guide

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