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Brighton Food Festival Take 1

Today I went to the Brighton Food Festival. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the event. It’s the “Borough Market” of Sussex. brighton food 1

The top question on everyone’s mind is- Were There Any Samples? Freebies? Could one be a total pig on just samples?

Yes, Yes and maybe.

Here are some oral highlights:

Prosperity Brownies:

Not wanting to commit to a whole brownie yet jonesing for a chocolate fix, I sampled some incredible bits of brownie from Prosperity brownies. The sample wasn’t too hard nor too soft. If you like brownies, you know the importance of a good consistency. Prosperity delivers the goodies.


I have to say I was very impressed by the whole Carluccios tent. If you love risotto or need to buy some mushrooms head over to Carluccios. The girlfriend wolfed down a sausage sandwich with rocket for a mere 2 pounds near closing time. I swear the risotto amazing.

Moshi Moshi:

Local fav Moshi, Moshi was giving out free sushi which looked delicious but alas, was a california roll so I wasn’t in luck. I have been to this fantastic sushi bar though and I would have definitely taken up any vegetarian offerings.

Orange Grove Organic:

Whether you are an affirmed plant only eater, you’ll find Orange Grove’s selection of dips pretty damn good. I consider their dips ¬†hummos 2.0.

Stratta Fruit Vinegar:

I love vinegar. I have been known to bizarrely drink some out of the bottle as a tonic to all ills. Stratta Fruit Vinegar is a revelation. These vinegars spiked with fruit are so perfect I wouldn’t even recommend making them into a salad dressing ingredient. Just buy some bread and dip it in for perfection.


Chocoholly supplies to several shops locally and can also be found at Waitrose. Try the white chocolate for a special treat.

Taste Of Calabria:

Taste of Calabria has these fantastic italian biscuits which are not very sugary and unlike anything you can easily buy.


Jethros sells marinades that if you cooked would be truly fun to play with. If you don’t like me, you can use some of them like dressings or sauce over meat or meatless meat.

Brighton Food Fest 1


Aloka was my choice for supper. I had a Seitan burger with garlic mayo and salad.  The burger was pretty good but the price made it as it was reduced. I would be interested to try the beatroot burger on offer. I will also say the staff here are lovely. Most of their food if not all, is vegan and raw.

I’m certainly looking forward to the Fiery Food festival and more upcoming events. I’ll just save all my calories and then splurge kind of like a shopping spree.

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